Patients can become bored and anxious in hospitals so we’ve developed a range of activities to offer the calm and mental diversion that comes from being involved in creative activity.

Music for Patients 

We run music on wards programme currently delivering concerts to patients on iPads across all hospital sites. If your patients have access to tablets they may enjoy Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra's Virtual Jukebox - browse their collection, which includes all-time favourites and well-known film scores here.

Here are a few quotes from patients who have recently used this service.

“I loved the music so much, this musical programme has given me a real lift, I can’t thank you enough”,

“I have been feeling lonely because I can’t have visitors, and it’s been wonderful to chat with you and hear my favourite music”

If you would like to book concerts for your patients just contact Ruth Charity, Arts Coordinator on [email protected]

Downloadable and Printable materials 

Activities for children:

The Incredible Hospital Comic: a partnership with The Phoenix comic, created to support children who are coming to hospital for an operation with lots of information, comic strips, and puzzles.

Activities for adults

Colour, Doodle, Draw booklet

Write, Puzzle, Read booklet

Made with gLove origami leaflet

Activities for Older Patients

Creative Connections booklet

Oxford Museum photo albums