This specialist equipment uses space age technology to literally ‘take the weight off’ for patients recovering from leg and foot injuries.
It makes the patient feel 80% lighter and this allows them to exercise more, without making the injury worse and without excessive pain.
The patients in Oxford who have trialled it speak glowingly of the difference the anti-gravity treadmill has made – describing it as life-changing and miraculous.
In short, this equipment will revolutionise how we can treat patients – helping them to improve muscle tone, reduce pain and in some cases walk - and even run - unaided again. The improvements to mental health for patients are also noteworthy.
Because this isn’t standard NHS equipment Oxford Hospitals Charity is fundraising to raise the £45,000 needed to purchase it.
The sooner we raise the money the sooner we can help so many patients – including children who have had operations to remove bone cancer tumours and adults who have been involved in serious accidents.
You donation will really make a difference.