The first ever Reading Half Marathon was organised and run in 1983, when the start and finish venue was Reading University at White Knights Park. There were 5,000 runners and it was won by a 21 year old local University student, Mark Curzons in a time of 67.45.

In 2003 Sweatshop took over the organisation of the Reading Half Marathon. Sweatshop's aim was to make the event all about the runner and ultimately create an experience that is worthy of this prestigious Half Marathon. Sweatshop made numerous changes to the course over the duration of their fifteenth year organisational span which resulted in a fast route and an amazing finish in the magnificent Madejski Stadium.

2018 marked a new chapter in the Reading Half Marathon as new organisers Goldline Events took to the helm that summer. With the aim of making the race even bigger and better we promised to not only continue the great work Sweatshop did but to enhance each and every runner's experience.

The Reading Half Marathon not only takes in the highlights of the centre of Reading where you will experience huge crowd support but also still passes through the beautiful grounds of the University campus. The race culminates in a finish rarely found outside an Olympic stadium with over 15,000 people cheering you into the stadium and over the finish line.

So whether you run for fun, run to stay fit, run for a club, or run professionally the Reading Half Marathon has the organisational capability, friendliness and reputation that are all second to none.

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If you'd like more information or would like to sign up, please do check out the Reading Half Marathon website, using the button below. 

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of the charity about this challenge, by calling 01865 743 444 or emailing [email protected]