We are very grateful for all offers of gifts; however, because of the nature of hospitals, unfortunately we are not always able to accept everything you may wish to donate.

In general, donated good should be brand new, or easy to wipe clean.

Issues such as suitability, risk of choking and infection control are all important for us to consider.

If we can't accept your gift you may like to sell the items (you could try eBay or even a good old-fashioned car boot sale) and then donate the funds you have raised.

We tend to receive many more gifts at Christmas time, especially for the Oxford Children's Hospital. This creates a lovely seasonal atmosphere, however we would encourage groups and companies to consider giving at other times of year as well - when there is less going on in our hospitals.

Things to remember

  • We encourage support throughout the year, not just at Christmas.
  • Our Children's Hospital receives wonderful support, but other hospital areas also welcome gifts, particularly to entertain older patients.
  • All gifts need to be new and unwrapped so we know what we are giving, as many patients have individual needs.
  • Please, no large soft toys, but we can take small new ones.
  • Over the Christmas period we tend to have a lot more babies in the Children's Hospital, so gifts that are appropriate, such as new rattles, socks or bibs, are very helpful.

Other ideas for the Children's Hospital include:

  • toddler toys marked suitable for under three years of age
  • toiletries or gifts for teenagers
  • art and craft items
  • board games
  • bubbles
  • sensory toys.

We appreciate you thinking of us.

Please get in touch if you require more details and we can put you in touch with our Play Team at the Oxford Children's Hospital, Horton Children's Ward or appropriate staff in other areas.