Meet Reuben. He's four years old.

Reuben loves sausages, Spiderman and Busta Rhymes.

He also loves the Oxford Children's Hospital, where he is a regular patient.

Reuben's been having treatment on Kamran's, our special Children's Cancer Ward for Neuroblastoma, which affects just under 100 children a year in the UK.

He was diagnosed when he was just two years old, and since then has spent months in hospital having treatment - including both his third and fourth birthdays.

When Reuben's in hospital he loves making music on the iPad and using the toys and games in the playroom - which are all funded by Oxford Children's Hospital Charity.

"The Oxford Children's Hospital Charity and Kamran's Ward have provided an environment that is engaging, stimulating and friendly so Reuben never fears or worries about the time he has to spend there. The experience is as positive as it can be because we are all given opportunities and support to carry on our lives as normal as possible."

Jess, Reuben's mum

We think Reuben's amazing - he always makes us laugh, and despite all the treatment his big personality totally shines through.

Thanks to Reuben and his parents for letting us share his story - he's one of the coolest four-year-olds we've ever met!

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