We had a lovely moment in the charity office recently.

It was kind of simple, and pure. And reminded me how special our work here is.

A supporter family had been lined up to do an interview with BBC Radio Oxford. As you’ll read, it’s a special story, so we all gathered around to listen as it went out live on the radio.

The interview was with a gorgeous little three-year-old called Freddie and his mum Kathryn, from Carterton.

Freddie is cycling 100 miles throughout March in aid of Oxford Hospitals Charity because his much-loved ‘Grampy’ is having treatment for cancer at the Churchill Hospital.

Freddie is missing his Grampy - they usually spend lots of time together, and both love Marvel comics. Freddie has also recently learned to ride a bike without stabilisers and just loves it.

So to help keep him positive through this difficult family time his mum suggested he do this amazing 100 mile bike ride challenge.

Well, little Freddie is smashing it.

Every day he cycles a mile or two, with his charity teddy strapped to his bike and his fundraising is incredible, he has raised close to £3,000 with money still coming in!

So we all listened to the radio as Freddie chatted confidently live on air about his bike ride, and his love for Grampy shone through. He really misses seeing him every day.

His mum’s pride, during this most difficult of times, was also palpable. In the office we huddled around, listening to every word - and we felt the power of fundraising:

It’s coming together in tough times.

It’s doing something positive when everything feels bleak.

It’s thinking about others - even though you are hurting.

Sometimes it takes a three-year-old to remind you of these things and listening together in the office we all felt it.

Thank you to Freddie for keeping things simple and pure. For doing something good, a little bit every day, to achieve something great. For loving his Grampy so much and wanting him home so they can read Marvel comics together again.

The full story of Freddie’s amazing fundraising is here

Head of Communications at Oxford Hospitals Charity: I joined the charity back in 2008, after a career in television at ITV and BBC. My youngest daughter, then nearly two years old, was waiting to have open heart surgery, and like so many parents in this situation I was worried and looking for something positive to do to take my mind off it all. So I heard about the charity and signed up to do one of their abseils – despite a terror of heights. It was here I learned that the charity was looking for someone to do their media and communications – and the rest is history. 15 years on I am still here and loving what I do. It is a privilege to work in our hospitals and to speak to so many amazing clinicians and support the work they do. But most of all it is an honour to help share the stories of our patients, their families, and our supporters who do so much to help our charity transform care in our NHS Trust. I feel very proud of whaT we do and are very lucky to be part of this amazing team.