The Brodey Cancer Centre treats patients with cancer from Banbury and the surrounding areas. The centre has three oncologists, who hold regular weekly outpatient clinics, and a palliative care team.

The very special centre originally opened part-time in August 1998, with just one chemotherapy trained nurse and a breast care nurse.

The centre treats 15-20 people a day, is increasing from eight to 11 chairs and starting to open on Saturdays, to allow even more local people to access chemotherapy and some blood transfusion services.

The centre was the inspiration of, and partly funded by, the family of a local businessman, Ian Brodey, who had been treated for a haematological malignancy at the Horton General Hospital.

His family donated generously in his name, and the department has grown from strength to strength. This tradition of charitable support has continued to this day, with donations funding cooling caps and more comfortable chairs for patients having chemotherapy.