Thank you for visiting this page about the Oxford Heartfelt Appeal.

Your donations help us fund the most specialist medical equipment to keep our clinicians at the forefront of technology in the cardiac field, as well as making our hospital spaces more welcoming and comfortable for heart patients.

Thanks to your generosity we have recently been able to raise £800,000 to equip a new state-of-the-art Cath lab to help patients suffering from structural heart conditions receive the very best possible care.

The advanced technology in the Cath Lab now has enabled the Oxford team to conduct a UK first transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement procedure. You can read about this in full here.

This revolutionary technique would not have been possible without the quality of imaging equipment that our charity funded.

Patients who would previously have been extremely hard to treat effectively - due to the high risks associated with open heart surgery for this procedure - now have hope.

The charity is incredibly proud to have supported this major advance and hugely grateful to all those who supported our Cath Lab Appeal, to help make it all possible.

We continue to need your help so that we can work closely with the amazing Heart Centre team and fund more innovations like this to transform cardiac care. 

The Oxford Heart Centre is a centre of excellence for cardiothoracic care, looking after over 20,000 patients from the Thames Valley area and beyond every year, many needing complex and life-saving care.

When the Oxford Heart Centre was originally created much of the high-tech medical equipment and comfortable facilities were funded by our charity through our original Heartfelt Appeal.

Today it has one of the largest specialist structural heart programmes in the United Kingdom, one of only a handful of centres performing some of the most complex procedures in the UK.

The catheterisation laboratories, to give them their full name, are used for minimally invasive heart procedures like angioplasties to widen the arteries; ablations for the correction of abnormal heart rhythms; repairing structural problems with valves and holes in the heart, as well as for patients who are too weak for major heart surgery.

With your help we can fund the very best medical equipment and facilities to help heart patients across Oxfordshire, the Thames Valley and in some cases the UK. Your donations and fundraising will make all the difference.

You can support the Oxford Heartfelt Appeal through the options below. If you would like to fundraise in aid of this appeal please get in touch with the Support Care Team via the methods below. 

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