Last night we hosted our first ever event aimed at the Oxfordshire business community. 


We’re thrilled so many joined us at ‘A Celebration of Innovation’ to hear about some of the incredible work taking place at OUH Hospitals and how our charity supports projects through funding cutting-edge innovations and technology. 


We had neurosurgeons, play specialists, the Hospital at Home team, BrainLab and The Hill Oxford all sharing the latest advances they are using in our hospitals. 


It was great to see our guests interacting and learning about these technologies - many funded by Oxford Hospitals Charity.

Anton Pick, clinical lead for the Oxford Centre of Enablement, was our headline speaker and he shared news of a new treatment happening in Oxford which uses ice technology to hugely reduce severe muscle tightening caused by strokes and conditions like cerebral palsy and MS.

It was truly inspiring to hear of these advances, particularly given one of Anton’s patients, Louise who had a stroke when she was just 23, was in the audience – a living testimony of the incredible impact of his team’s work.

Anton paid tribute to his patients and also thanked the charity for our support in funding the specialist ultrasounds that guide him during the procedures. 


The night was organised by our Corporate Partnerships Manager, Naomi Stewart Hale, who gave a fabulous speech explaining how NHS charities have such an impact on the local hospitals that care for all of us.


As Naomi explained in her speech, the event wasn’t about trying to arm-twist local companies into making a donation there and then, but more about showcasing the work of our charity, and its relevance to them, their colleagues and customers.


We hope that everyone was as inspired as we were, and when the time is right will link in with us on future projects that make a real difference to this amazing community.


And in true Oscars style, we have some thank you’s to share. First, to the wonderful team at Oxford’s Leonardo Hotel for their very generous support of the event, providing the venue as well as help on the day.


It was wonderful to be able to showcase some of the items we fund, so a special thank you to BrainLab, MyMynd, and The Hill for attending.

A big thank you also to all the hospital staff who gave up their time, having all worked in the hospitals all day – we could see how much the guests enjoyed hearing your passion for what you do.


Thank you also to the beautiful musicians, Kelly Smith and Ran Micheli, who helped create such a lovely atmosphere as our guests arrived.


And events like this are a two-way thing - so our final thank you is to our guests! Your enthusiasm, interest and energy was palpable, making the evening a true celebration of the transformative power of innovation and partnership in our local Oxfordshire community.


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