Many of you will know that the Oxford Children’s Hospital is a very special place indeed.

It’s filled with amazing members of staff, going out of their way to look after the young patients.

A particularly inspiring area is the Craniofacial Unit. It’s one of only four centres in the UK – and one of the busiest in the world performing this very specialised surgery on our young patients and providing them support through to adulthood.

Charlie, who travels all the way from Southampton, had his first surgery for Craniosynostosis here when he was just 13 months old.

This rare condition means a baby's skull doesn't grow properly and their head becomes an unusual shape if not treated – which can cause serious problems.

Charlie is now 10 years old, but still spends  a lot of time in the Oxford Children’s Hospital and  continues to receive treatment, including a recent operation for decompression surgery in 2017.

To say thank you to the craniofacial team, Robins Ward and all the other teams that help him, Charlie he decided he wanted to fundraise for Oxford Children’s Hospital Charity to make other patients time in hospital that little bit better.

And when Charlie came in to present his donation he also told us all the things he really likes about the hospital. He said:

‘Mr Wall and Dr Jay, the surgeons, are heroes for fixing my head. All the nurses on Robin’s Ward are lovely and really looked after me. I particularly liked Andy, who came to play guitar with me after my last operation.

However my favourite person at the hospital has to be Simon, the balloon man… every time I saw him he made me laugh, and forget I was in hospital. They really look after me so I wanted to raise money for Robin’s Ward to help fill the hospital with fun things to do.’

Please do join us saying a huge thank you to Charlie, and a special mention to his baby sister Orlagh, who was also ready to join in the action!

If you would like more information about how to support the Oxford Children’s Hospital Charity – or any of the areas across our Oxfordshire hospitals, visit, message us on here or call us 01865 743 444.

And please give a big thumbs up to Charlie for being a superstar!

If you have been inspired by Charlie and want to support the Oxford Children's Hospital - or any other of the areas across our Oxfordshire hospitals you can make a donation today. 

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