Four-year-old Archie was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma last July and since then he’s had 100 days of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.

Can you imagine going through all of this at any age – but imagine being just four? Yet somehow this little superstar is still full of mischief and has the biggest smile!

Twelve year old Giovanna also has neuroblastoma. She’s been sharing her experience of cancer on Instagram, like the time when her friends all shaved their heads to show their support for her.

Around 1,600 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK, and for many of those in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties, Kamran’s Ward in the Oxford Children’s Hospital becomes a second home.

And thanks to donations, fundraising and gifts in Wills our charity is able to so much to help them through this difficult time – funding specialist support when having scans, hi-tech monitoring equipment, state-of-the-art surgical technology, and of course stocking the playrooms with toys and activities to keep them smiling.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all the staff across the Oxford Children’s Hospital – from porters to play specialists, surgeons to support workers, nurses to neurologists – each working together to do the best for these special youngsters.

Thank you to all those support children with cancer and toddlers to teens being treated across our hospitals - thanks to your donations we are able to do so much to help them during this difficult time.

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