With the King’s Coronation taking place this week we’d like to put the spotlight on a special group of staff in our hospitals who work with older patients - keeping them as physically and mentally active as possible whilst they are in hospital.

The team have been helping patients to fully celebrate the Coronation by organising lovely craft activities, such as making crowns. Our charity helps to keep the team topped up with craft materials and funds special activities and ward-based music sessions.

The Acute Rehab Support Workers - a growing team of six staff - works within the Complex Medical Unit Wards at the John Radcliffe Hospital, brightening up the lives of up to 40 patients a day.

These are mostly elderly patients with physical or cognitive frailty - many have had falls or are living with long-term conditions, including dementia, some are in the final weeks or months of life. Hospital can be a distressing and lonely place for them.

This small group of staff create engaging activities to boost the mood on the wards, increase activity levels and create a more positive hospital experience.

Having been guided by our Nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, the team supports patients with vital rehabilitation, mobility assessments, bed based exercises as well as less traditional forms of exercise and cognitive engagement achieved through; live music and arts and crafts, pet therapy, hand massage and origami.

Most of all they bring their sunny dispositions, time and wide range of skills to fully engage with their patients and find out how best to connect and support them.

Not only does their work keep patients active, it also supports patients to feel calmer, happier and more at ease– creating a more positive, cheerful and friendly environment that the whole ward gets behind.

Simple acts like spending special time with patients to make these Coronation Crowns really make a difference.

Thanks team! We think you are amazing

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