A major expansion to the Emergency Department has opened at the John Radcliffe Hospital, with nine extra bays for the immediate care of seriously ill patients, more diagnostic equipment and a quicker ambulance turnaround time.

This is all part of a £13.8 million project by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

We are also delighted that, thanks to an incredibly generous gift left in the Will of a kind-hearted local individual, Oxford Hospitals Charity has been able to fund a dedicated CT scanner for the area, which will help speed up diagnosis and treatment for the very sickest patients.

The state-of-the-art equipment cost over £820,000, and shows the extraordinary positive impact that legacy gifts can have to your local community.

Around 19,000 patients a year are expected to benefit from this new technology, which is located in the resuscitation department.

Computerised tomography (CT) scanning, or cross-sectional imaging, is a key part of diagnosing a wide range of emergency conditions and makes a particularly vital difference to the most seriously ill or injured patients, including those with life-threatening illnesses such as heart attacks and stroke.

Having a dedicated CT scanner in the resuscitation department means scans can be done quickly without having to send patients off to other areas of the hospital.

The charity has also funded comfortable and appropriate furnishings for the bereavement and relatives' rooms as well as a series of artworks and light boxes for the area.

Douglas Graham, Chief Executive Officer of our charity, said: "We are really pleased that the charity has been able to help support this crucial development. It is particularly significant that a gift included in a Will has allowed us to help many at their time of greatest need."

Gifts in Wills contribute around a quarter of our charity's income every year, and help us to fund many of our largest projects through the year.

With the current times, and the difficulties in organising mass events, legacies have never been more important.

We are so grateful to those thoughtful and generous individuals who include our charity in their Wills, for the benefit of their local community and future generations to come.

If you'd like to find out more about how gifts in wills help us transform our hospitals please visit