Last night we were delighted to attend BBC Oxford’s Make a Difference Awards - And we have some exciting news!

Our charity nominated two very special supporters for the prestigious awards.

11-year-old Finn Hagger, from Hook Norton, who raised £17,000 for Kamran’s, our Children’s Hospital cancer ward. He, his family and local community created ‘the longest game’ – a football match that lasted three hours, two minutes and three seconds to represent the three years, two months and three weeks of intensive cancer treatment he received.

And 70-year-old Christopher Rooke from Wallingford, who has multiple debilitating health conditions including Parkinson’s, heart disease and major kidney failure, but still challenged himself to swim 100 yards last summer.

Christopher spends three days a week on dialysis at the Churchill Hospital, so this challenge was no mean feat, and to top it all he raised £700 for the Dialysis Ward.

We are delighted to share that Christopher won the Bravery award! He was especially chosen by Sir Steve Redgrave, who praised his courage and tenacity.

And to top it all Finn won the highly contested Fundraiser award for his incredible efforts.

It was a very special evening that brought the best of our Oxfordshire community together, with stories from so many incredible groups and individuals who really make a difference.

Congratulations to all the amazing nominees and winners, and thank you to BBC Radio Oxford for including us in such a positive event.

If Finn and Christopher have inspired you to fundraise for your local hospitals click here to find out how you can get started.