Being on the right dose of medication to prevent blood clotting is paramount when dealing with patients with complex issues. And new equipment funded by our charity has brought in super accurate genotype testing for hundreds of patients.

The Neuro-Interventional Radiology department at the John Radcliffe Hospital is the regional centre covering Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire, and Swindon, seeing 280 patients annually.

In June Oxford Hospitals Charity confirmed a grant from The Morrisons Foundation for the purchase of a genotype testing machine.

This machine, called a Smarten Cube, ensures that patients with aneurysms, or those who have had a stroke, receive the correct anticoagulation medications prior to endovascular treatment, which reduces swelling of blood vessels.  

Many patients either don't respond to standard drug therapies or can over-respond, which can increase the risk of complications following procedures.

The Smarten Cube is a high-accuracy genotype test, which informs clinicians whether a patient will respond to standard medications. It simply requires a cheek swab at a patient’s bedside and only takes 60 minutes.  

Rodney Cameron, Interventional Modality Manager, said: “The genotype testing machine will make a lasting and positive difference to people’s lives. Patients will also have a lower risk of haemorrhaging if clinicians can safely confirm that they can use less aggressive anticoagulation medicines. For people who over-respond to certain medications, checking their genetics means they are on the correct dosage, as they might need a lower one than average."

Being on the right medication, and the right dose is paramount when dealing with patients with complex issues

After going through a traumatic medical crisis, it gives patients the best chances of recovery, making an enormous difference to their physical and mental health.

This project will supply secondary benefits to families and the care system. The cost of caring for one person following a stroke can be up to £45,000 per year. The Smarten Cube has the potential to save families a huge financial and emotional burden by reducing the chance of strokes or debilitating brain bleeds for loved ones.  

Megan Jones, Trust Fundraising Officer at Oxford Hospitals Charity commented, "The impact of this equipment to the patients is immeasurable. We are delighted that the Oxford Hospitals Charity managed to secure the funding from The Morrisons Foundation, as it will make a difference to hundreds of lives each year."

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