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‘We have a world-class team here at the Oxford Heart Centre, and we need a world-class Cath lab to further enhance their skills and support our patients.’

Dr Sam Dawkins

The Oxford Heart Centre is a centre of excellence for cardiothoracic care, looking after over 20,000 patients from the Thames Valley area and beyond every year, many needing complex and life-saving care.

It was created 13 years ago, with much of the high-tech medical equipment funded by our charity through our original Heartfelt Appeal. Today it has one of the largest specialist structural heart programmes in the United Kingdom.

Sam Dawkins, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, told us:

‘We are one of only a handful of centres performing some of the most complex procedures in the UK

‘The catheterisation laboratories, to give them their full name, are used for minimally invasive heart procedures like angioplasties to widen the arteries; ablations for the correction of abnormal heart rhythms; repairing structural problems with valves and holes in the heart, as well as for patients who are too weak for major heart surgery.

‘But technology moves fast, and new innovations mean there is more we can do to help save and improve local lives.

‘Our NHS Trust has started a programme to upgrade the suite of specialist cath labs at the John Radcliffe, and with the charity’s help, we will be able to ensure they are equipped with the very best technology available – with much higher quality imaging which is particularly beneficial for complex structural interventions.

‘So we are asking your help to raise £800,000 to create a new state-of-the-art Cath Lab to help patients suffering from structural heart conditions receive the very best possible care.

‘The wonderful Oxford Hospitals Charity helped us so generously when the Heart Centre was originally created and we hope the charity’s supporters will be there for us again.

Douglas Graham, CEO of Oxford Hospitals Charity added:

‘Our charity has a long history of supporting this vital work, and we are determined to help keep the dedicated clinical teams at the forefront of medical technology.

‘We know how passionate our local community is about the Oxford Heart Centre and have heard so many incredible stories about the life-saving work that takes place, so we are always delighted to support this special team.

‘If you or a loved one has benefited from the work of the talented team we hope you will be inspired to support our Heartfelt Appeal today.’