Our charity is always delighted to be able to make time in hospital that little bit easier for older patients and those living with dementia.

Last year we worked alongside the Therapy Team at the Horton General in Banbury to create a ‘Reminiscence Room’ – a space that feels familiar and comfortable, equipped with imagery and items to entertain and reassure older patients.

The room even has a local bus stop sign, which encourages patients to take a seat, as well as pictures of Banbury over the years.

The most recent addition is a large scale interactive screen, fixed on a pivoted table, which can be adjusted to different heights and angles. Patients can use it to play games and watch films, and the therapists can also bring up content to create and enhance conversations.

Adam Newbury, Assistant Therapist at the Horton, says that the room and its contents are making a huge difference for patients, and told us about a recent session with Winifred, who has kindly allowed us to share this story.

Adam said: ‘Winifred was very excited to see the new Reminiscence Room that the charity funded. She loves dogs and really enjoyed the realistic cat and dog toys and also loved the life-like doll which encouraged her to talk about having her own large family and what it was like having twins.

'She also really enjoyed the interactive high low table, especially when she beat the computer playing connect 4!

'As we were chatting I used the interactive table to connect to Google Earth and zoom in on images of the places where she grew up and that were special to her.

'Winifred delighted in telling us all about her days dancing in the Town Hall and when she did her hair dressing apprenticeship many years ago.

'It was a really lovely session which lasted for an hour and in this time we saw the real Winifred, who was so calm, expressive and full of conversation, sharing all her memories with us.

'This really does demonstrate the power of the Reminiscence Room and what it brings to the sessions with our patients. We are so grateful to the charity and its supporters for providing this space and these tools, which really help us interact with our patients in a special way.'

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