We'd like to share a very special story about one of our young fundraisers, six-year-old Finley. 

Finley decided that he wanted to support his mum, Emma, who was having treatment for a brain tumour with  the John Radcliffe's neurosciences team.

He hadn't really spoken about his mum's illness, but out of the blue he decided he and his friends would run laps for an hour around their local park to raise as much money for the Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit.

Finley's mum said: "As the boys crossed the finish line I felt a huge sense of pride and emotion. In just two weeks Fin had come up with an idea to raise money, and seen it through to its conclusion, and raised an amazing amount in the process.

"Finley was inspired by a sponsored run he had done at school earlier in the year, and realised that by asking family and friends for sponsorship he could help the hospital which is helping me - it really shows what an amazing little man he is.

"This was a massive proud mummy moment!"

Finley and friends raised over £3,100 for the ward where his mum was being treated.

We think that Finley is an inspiration!

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