We are always grateful for the inspiring and thoughtful messages we receive from our local community at this time of year.

Do take a moment, if you can, to read some of the special words that have accompanied donations to Oxford Hospitals Charity this Christmas

May we also echo the sentiments of so many of these messages, and share our heartfelt thanks to the teams across all our hospitals working so hard. 

Thank you so much for always helping me when I’ve been in hospital and especially my husband when he’s been in A&E – so kind and patient. Thank you for everything. x Jacqueline, Abingdon

NHS Staff & Patients: Happy Christmas and a big thank you to all the staff who always go the extra mile and to the patients who owe you so much.  God bless you all. Rosemary, Abingdon

Have been well looked after in three hospitals (JR, Horton, Churchill) during last three years. Thanks for your kindness. Angela, Bicester

I’ll always be grateful to the hospital and all its staff for looking after me. It’s now five years since I had my tumour out. Thank you all and a Merry Christmas.   Gillian, Milton Keynes

Thank you so much for the endless help you have given me. Nick, Sutton Coldfield

To all NHS staff thank you for all your hard work, and so I send my very best wishes to you and all your patients this Christmas and for a better time in 2022. Shirley, Abingdon

Thank you so much for all you do for us in Oxfordshire. Suzanne, Didcot

Merry Christmas to all at Oxford Hospitals, including my daughter at the JR Children’s Hospital. Keep up the good work. Anthony, Abingdon

You are all admired by my family! Jill, Witney

Best wishes for the Christmas season but don’t forget to look after yourselves! Patricia, Kidlington

Merry Christmas to all staff and hospital patients in over Christmas. Keep up the good work. Clifford, Witney

As I know first hand how hard your work can become over Christmas, I wish you all the very best this Christmas time. Sandra, Bicester

We want to thank all the doctors, nurses and other staff for their skill, dedication and hard work during the pandemic. Robert, Abingdon

You are marvellous. Many, many thanks for all you’ve done for us.  Robert, Woodstock

I wish all of you the best for the Christmas period. My late husband had the most caring treatment before he died in 2018. Thank you for being there. Please have a wonderful Christmas. Dorothy, Didcot

Keep smiling through clenched teeth! Louise, Chipping Norton

Thank you for all you do. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas. Eileen, Wantage

Thank you to all the amazing, dedicated staff at Oxford Hospitals and to everyone in the NHS. You are wonderful. Jacqui, Wallingford

With very best wishes for Christmas & New Year to a wonderful hospital and staff. William, Wantage

You have all been doing an amazing job in very difficult circumstances. Keep safe and thank you. Anon, Didcot

Thank you for all the wonderful service you gave us in Oxford. Between us we have sampled all three hospitals! Happy Christmas.   Jean, Wallingford

Thank you all for your dedication to excellent patient care and support of their loved ones. Alexis, Cheltenham

To all the wonderful staff. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You all deserve it and much more. Sheila, Milton Keynes

Thank you for your amazing dedication in all departments.  Christine, Redruth

Thank you for never giving up. Geraldine, Banbury

Thank you for everything you have done for my family. Lots of love, The Hughes Family, Abingdon

In 2012 I missed all the Olympics. Thank you always for saving my life.       Iris, Chinnor

A special thank you to the team in the Emergency Surgery Unit, Floor 6, that looked after my wife Maggie Cook during the last few days of her life in November 2019. Happy Christmas.      

Thank you for being there when needed. Maria, Banbury

Thank you for all your care and dedication. Especially in these difficult times. Jennifer, Banbury

Wishing all the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff a very Happy Christmas. Thank you for all the kindness shown to me and my late husband over the years.    Bridget, Daventry

As a former patient in two of the Oxford Hospitals, I want to express my support for all those who work in them. Anon, Oxford

Happy Christmas to you all. My own daughter is a busy nurse too, so I appreciate the difficulties and worries you have to bear – and so cheerfully!! Thank you again for your efforts and wish you all a happy Christmas time. Evelyn, Thame

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, peaceful and very happy Christmas and New Year. Thanks for all you do.  John, Brackley

 A very big thank you to all the staff and Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all.

Thank you for all your help in 2021.   Colin, Banbury

Best wishes for the Christmas season, and for all the year. Thanks to all NHS staff for all you do in the present difficult times, and best wishes to all patients.   Ann, Oxford

We have both been patients recently in respectively, the JR and the Churchill. Both of us were excellently cared for, and words cannot adequately express our admiration for all that was done for us and in such good spirit. A very happy Christmas to you all. You deserve it. Dennis & Pamela, Witney

I thank you for all your work, help, and devotion to other people and their families. May God bless and keep you safe. Vera, Didcot

I come from a family of medics three of whom have knighthoods! I have been dealt with numerous times in the Oxford hospitals in the last 10+ years. I hold all of you in the highest regard. Nicholas, Chipping Norton

I have been having on-going treatment at the Oxford hospitals for several years. At all times have been seen with kindness, patience, and consummate professionalism. Keep safe and well and enjoy what Christmas can be spared to you. Pauline, Abingdon

Please try and enjoy some free time and relaxation whenever you can during this festive period, ok? xx          Andy, Daventry 

I will always remember my stay at the John Radcliffe Hospital in the Cardiology Unit. Everyone was so kind and I’m so very grateful and at 93 years of age, I’m still enjoying life. Many thanks & God bless and a Happy Christmas. Ruth, Lydney

Best wishes for Xmas to staff and patients. Special thanks to staff in AES and Cardiology Unit and Ambulance for wonderfully efficient and friendly service 23-25 September and 22-24 October .Richard, Oxford

Thanks for all your hard work in these very difficult times. It really is appreciated.  Simon, Witney

In memory of my husband Paul of Avebury who died in December 2014. With my thanks, as always, to the team at the Blenheim Head & Neck Unit. Maureen, Avebury

Season’s Greetings to all NHS staff with admiration and thanks for all you contributed since the COVID pandemic began. Best wishes to staff and patients for the festive season. Judith, Oxford

Best wishes to all on duty over the Christmas period and thanks for all your hard work. Trevor, Wantage

Wishing all the wonderful ladies and gentlemen working all over Christmas a very happy time and a good New Year. I owe my life to the John Radcliffe Hospital, Vascular Ward, and will be forever grateful. My love to you all. Valerie, High Wycombe

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