This week the Sullivan family donated an incredible £10,000 to the Silver Star Society in recognition of the care they received during May May’s pregnancy, which resulted in their beautiful daughter, Tippi.

The Silver Star Unit, based at the Women’s Centre in the John Radcliffe, helps with more complicated pregnancies, and the charitable fund provides support across the maternity centre.

Alex and May May said: ‘Our greatest gift is our daughter Tippi.

‘She was born at the Women’s Centre at the John Radcliffe - prematurely, due to complications - and we credit the outstanding team, especially her midwife Ita whose fast decisions we are sure saved Tippi’s life.

‘We hope this donation can support other families through the ups and downs of what is supposed to be the happiest day in your life - but often isn’t.

‘We have been fortunate that our shop, the Peking Chef, has managed to stay open and be busy during the pandemic, and we wanted to do something really significant to thank the NHS for their care.

‘We hope other businesses that have been fortunate throughout the pandemic will follow our example and give back to their community where it will do the most good.’

Silver Star fundraiser, Maggie Findlay said: ‘Thank you May May, Alex and Tippi for your wonderful generosity!

‘We, at the Silver Star Society, deeply appreciate your donation. Your help will strengthen maternity services in Oxford and is invaluable’.

Silver Star is one of the many areas that your fundraising, donations, and gifts in wills can hugely help in our hospitals.

We are always so grateful to those amazing members of our community who remember the care they and their loved ones have received.

Help us make a real difference across the Silver Star by making a donation or fundraising for us today.