For many years the Oxfordshire Children’s Diabetes Team wanted to create a publication to help new children and families who are affected by diabetes.

Jane Haest, Lead Nurse explains; “When a child is diagnosed with diabetes this can be a confusing time for them and their families. With a plethora of information provided, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to absorb what is being said.

“We had lots of leaflets and handouts for families to take home with them but we really wanted to provide everything they needed in one user-friendly publication, so they could look at it at their own pace and refer back to it when needed.

“We worked closely with children affected by diabetes and their parents to ensure we got the wording just right.

“The Oxford Medical Illustration Department design team in the hospital ensured that the graphics and layout work perfectly for the patients, and we are so happy with the outcome.”

“Also our colleague Karen Ross, who was the Lead dietitian in the team, was keen to have this work completed before she retired last year – as she felt really passionately about the idea.”

Since it was created, the Children’s Diabetes team have already had very positive feedback from patients and families – and they are gathering further feedback from staff and patients which may lead to producing more handbooks to help future patients on subjects such as moving from the Childrens to Adult service in the hospital and advancing diabetes technologies.

Krystal Harry from Oxford Hospitals Charity said; “This is a wonderful project that will help so many people understand more about their condition, in a simple well thought out way. We just love working with hospital teams that are so passionate about their patients, and it has been fantastic to see this all come together.”