João, aged 28 is originally from Lisbon and now lives in Oxford. Unusually for one of our OX5 RUN-ners – he doesn’t have any direct links to the children’s hospital, nor a personal story that ties him to the cause, however, he got the event bug after taking part last year.

And this is the story of how  his ‘Team Friendship’ have come together to run for a common cause: João explains: "Last year one of our friends had a unique birthday wish - to use the occasion to make a positive impact on the world. She inspired us to participate in the OX5 RUN  at Blenheim Palace, supporting the incredible work of the Children's Hospital. 

“The journey began with park runs in our local community, but it wasn't just the running that brought us together. Shared meals became a regular occurrence, and as our runs were shared and documented on Strava, encouragement and motivation ensued.

“Our bond grew stronger throughout those months as we collectively pursued a common goal. We pushed each other and celebrated everybody's achievements.

“As the race day approached, the initial fundraising goal became a distant milestone, as through our collective efforts we surpassed all our expectations.

“Crossing the finish line, sweaty yet proud, we felt a huge sense of achievement, already looking for the chance to repeat the experience the following year!

“This year, as the OX5 RUN approaches once again, many of us have returned to training, eager to build on the success of last year. We were all driven by the charity's meaningful cause, and this year we are aiming for even faster times and a larger fundraising pot!"

We are delighted that João and the team are back again for our 2024 OX5 RUN which is back at Blenheim Palace on Sunday 24th March.

If you are inspired by João and his friends and would like to gather a group of friends or colleagues together to make a team, it’s easy! Click on the link and follow the simple steps to set up your team.

And remember you can run, jog or walk the five mile route so it is suitable for all fitness levels. Visit our OX5RUN page to find out more.

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