We are thrilled to announce that the 2021 Virtual OX5 RUN has now raised nearly £100,000. 

This annual event, that normally takes place in Blenheim Palace, is a key fundraiser for the Oxford Children's Hospital and children's areas across our NHS Trust. It is sponsored by Allen Associates, with support from the Oxford Mail and Jack fm.

On Sunday March 28th over 700 of you ran or walked five miles in your local areas, and thanks to your efforts we will be able to fund some exciting support for our youngest patients.

Supporting children having important medical scans at the JR

Many of you who have spent time with your child in our hospitals will know how important the play specialist are. These skilled staff help distract, calm and entertain children - from tiny babies through to strapping teens.

And we are thrilled that some of this year's fun run income will help fund a new play specialist role at the Oxford Children's Hospital to help youngsters who are having important medical scans, often to diagnose things like cancer and spinal conditions.

This new member of staff will support young patients preparing for an MRI in order to help more children undergo the procedure awake, rather than under a general anaesthetic.

This has really important benefits for the young patients and their families. The child will spend less time in hospital, often avoiding an overnight stay and they won't have the side effects of a general anaesthetic. For some children who have multiple visits to hospital and regular scans this will make a huge difference. 

As well as those preparing to have their MRIs awake, the new play specialist will also help prepare and relax those children having procedures under sedation too. This dedicated role will help a huge number of children every year - thanks to the efforts of our amazing runners.

Improving Emergency visits for children at the Horton

Our charity has recently helped to create a specialist Emergency area for young patients coming to the Horton General Hospital in Banbury. Some of the OX5 funds will continue these improvements to make the space as child-friendly as possible.

Artwork and activities will make the waiting and treatment areas bright and welcoming, to help make the experience of coming to hospital that little bit easier for children and their families.

These are just two areas that your amazing efforts will help, making such a difference to so many children coming to hospital.

Thank you to all our runners for your incredible support. And do look out for our 2022 OX5 RUN - which will be the twentieth anniversary of this important event - hopefully back in its wonderful Blenheim Palace setting.

PS - If you took part but didn't set up a fundraising page, or still have money to pay in either get in touch at 01865 743 444 or simply add your fundraising here www.justgiving.com/ox5run2021  Thank you!