‘Harvey’s Room’ provides a dedicated chill-out area for younger patients at the centre, many of whom are recovering from serious injury, strokes or neurological conditions.

The space, which is relaxed and comfy, with gaming equipment and activities, has been in the making for the last few years, with much care and attention going into the décor and the equipment provided.

Harvey knows first-hand how important this is. He spent a great deal of time at the centre as a teenager recovering from a brain injury, following a serious car accident in 2018 which left him in a coma with life-threatening injuries.

Harvey, explains: ‘I was airlifted to the JR hospital in Oxford for emergency surgery to remove a large part of my skull to reduce the swelling on my brain.

‘I remained in intensive care on a life support machine for nearly a month. My family were told I was unlikely to walk or play football again and faced a very unclear future.

‘I finally came out of the coma and then spent a further two months in the neurosciences ward where I had to learn to swallow, eat without a tube and eventually managed to say a few words.’

Harvey was later moved to the OCE; he could barely talk and couldn’t walk,  so received  extensive speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychological support.

Later that same year Harvey had a successful operation to reconstruct his skull which helped him begin to feel and look like the old Harvey again.

He said, ‘Throughout my journey I have been kept alive and helped to recover by the most amazing dedicated medical and therapy team at both the JR and OCE. From the surgeons to the doctors, to the nurses and all the therapists I cannot thank them enough.’

Harvey and his family have gone on to raise over £24,000 for both the OCE and JR Neuro ward. Harvey’s return to the OCE was met with excitement as he touched the hearts of many who worked closely to rehabilitate him during his time there.

David Child from Oxford Hospitals Charity said, ‘Harvey should be so proud of the money he has raised and the impact it will have on other patients in the JR and OCE.’

Aton Pick was his consultant and had the honour of giving a speech at the opening of the room. He said: ‘Harvey put in such an amazing effort to not only work hard on his own recovery but to give something back in a way that’s just incredibly meaningful for anyone who’s met him – he’s unique in that way.

‘By establishing this important space on the ward – a place to feel normal and be away from the clinical side of things – he is really helping patients who are here going through the last hospitalisation part of their recovery.’

Harvey’s mum Dawn, who is an interior designer, has worked incredibly hard working closely with Donna McCluskey, an Occupational Therapist at the OCE to create this amazing space.

The room is beautifully co-ordinated with comfy sofas, soft furnishings and artwork on the walls to match. Also provided is a large table football, big screen TV, and XBOXES.

The beautiful artwork in the room was kindly donated by Mick Malsen’s family who was a patient at the OCE who sadly passed away.

‘We have a lot of gratitude to Harvey -he is an inspiration to us all on the ward and we can’t thank him and his family enough.’ Said Donna.