The Oxford Centre for Enablement, based at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, specialises in all aspects of disability and rehabilitation.

The centre's primary goal is to ensure that people with persisting disability achieve the best level of movement and social integration possible.

These patients can often benefit from a treatment that injects botulinum toxin into affected muscles. These injections can make a huge difference to patients, giving them back control of their muscles and reducing tremors; however, they can be difficult to administer, and the large needles involved can make this procedure unpleasant.

The ultrasound machine, funded by Oxford Hospitals Charity, helps to identify the best position for the injection, making the treatment more accurate and effective and less painful.

Natalie Wallace, Lead Physiotherapist, explains:

"This treatment can offer patients real relief from the painful and distressing symptoms of their conditions, giving them more flexibility and control – for example, helping them to walk better, or use their hand more effectively.

"Having this ultrasound greatly increases the accuracy of the injections, which makes the whole process much less painful and more effective.

"We are all very grateful for this support, which is now helping around 100 patients a month – giving them increased mobility and independence. It's brilliant to see."