Just three days after his 18th birthday, Will White received the devastating news that he had an osteosarcoma, which is a rare type of bone cancer affecting around 200 people a year in the UK – mostly teenagers and those under 20.

Will, from Northampton, explains: “I found a hard lump below my knee, and later investigative work and MRI scans revealed it was cancer. Within six months, I went from planning to study architecture at university, to having to leave Sixth Form for chemotherapy treatment.

“I am being treated by various teams at the Oxford hospitals, having no doubt that I’m being given amazing support around me from every angle. This is especially from the staff on the oncology ward helping me and my on-site support workers from Young Lives Vs Cancer and The Teenage Cancer Trust.

“I also have Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is an inherited connective tissue disorder caused by defects in the body’s collagen, and this adds to the overall pain and exhaustion I am going through. The combination has made the fight extremely painful and exhausting, and made symptoms present much earlier and more significantly than what they would for others without hEDS.

“On top of this, to further complicate treatment as well as the emotional challenges with it, I'm transgender...Apparently, I like to be difficult, but it does mean I've already learnt how to get through so many other challenges.”

Inspired by the care he is receiving, Will has set up a JustGiving page to raise funds for Oxford Hospitals Charity.

Will explains: “A lot of people want to help but don’t always know how or what to do. So, setting up a fundraising page for Oxford Hospitals Charity (which I know makes such a difference across the hospitals caring for me), is basically helping them to help me, and helping me to thank them.’”

Will has recently had his knee replacement surgery so is feeling really optimistic, and delighted that his fundraising is going so well.

“It will be three months until I have some form of normality back on the joint, but thankfully the pain is already getting easier.

“In regards to the surgery, I can say that it means I'm cancer free (unless anything has gone wrong, but the doctors are confident). I have three more cycles of "mop up" chemo to go through, so I'll be in treatment for another four months or so, but I no longer have cancer! It's all recovery from here!”

“I definitely believe it's important to share your own story, not only does it help raise awareness for the charities and research supporting the area, it also helps others going through it realise they're not alone. You never know what stays with someone and helps them push through.

“I recently had a £300 donation come through from my old school's chapel collection, which was completely unexpected and very touching. Things have been tricky recently, so support from random directions really matter because it shows how many people care. I couldn't recommend enough to new cancer patients to start up a fundraising page—it's been way more successful than I'd ever considered on all levels; raising money, supporting me, and allowing an easy way for people to show us they care.”

Lorna Eaton, Supporter Care Assistant from Oxford Hospitals Charity said, “Will is an inspiration to us all. It is so admirable that despite all that is going on and how many hurdles Will has had to overcome,  he has chosen to fundraise to help others going through the same situation as he is– what an absolute superstar.”

If you would like to donate to Will’s JustGiving page please click on the link here.

Oxford Hospitals Charity makes a difference for patients and staff at the John Radcliffe, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Churchill and Horton hospitals – raising funds to make the hospitals more welcoming and comfortable and provide the additional state of the art medical equipment. For more information, please visit www.hospitalcharity.co.uk