It's your generosity that enhances and improves the experience patients and their families, as well as our amazing staff, have across the four hospitals we serve.

It's our ambition to make the biggest difference, so we promise to make sure we look after our supporters in the best way possible.

We are honest and open

We value your generosity and will let you know where your donations will make the biggest difference.

We will be clear about what we are fundraising for.

We will respect your privacy and will never sell your details to a third party.

We will be clear about how much of your donation goes straight to frontline services and how much is spent on the administration of the charity.

Please do read our Privacy Policy

We are committed to high standards

We will do all we can to ensure that fundraisers and volunteers abide by the Fundraising Regulator's Fundraising Promise.

We will comply with the law, the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator, including guidance around data protection and health and safety.

Your opinions matter to us, and if you are unhappy with anything we have done please contact us via the methods below to make a complaint.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01865 743 444

We are respectful

We promise to communicate in a way that suits you, and will be respectful if you wish to change this decision.

We will never put undue pressure on you to make a gift, and if you do not wish to continue your relationship with us, we will respect your decision.

We are a member of the Fundraising Regulator and are proud to have committed to their Fundraising Promise, delivering the highest standards possible across the charity. We promise that our fundraising is always legal, open, honest and respectful.

We will always aim to:

  • respond to all enquiries within two working days
  • thank each donation within one working week of receipt
  • ensure all supporters' details are recorded accurately and efficiently on the database
  • make sure we record supporters' contact preferences.