Have you got a bright idea that could make a real difference in your hospital area?

The new Small Grants Fund has been introduced in direct response to the Trust's 2018 staff survey listening events ‘Changing things for the Better’.

We recognise that a lot of really good ideas don't happen because there isn't the funding to get them going.

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference to the patient’s time in hospital, be it a more relaxing waiting room, better equipment, activities to improve wellbeing or better access to information.

The aim is to provide funding of up to £3,000 for smaller projects or items that can make a real difference to a hospital service or department - these improvements can be patient and/or staff focused.

We especially want to encourage frontline staff to apply with their ideas that will create a positive change in the area they work in.

This new funding is in addition to our other funding routes - which continue to work as normal - so if your bid doesn't fit into this remit you may still be able to apply in other ways.

The fund was launched in June 2018 and since then nearly £50,000 has already been approved, with the first projects up and running within weeks of getting their funding.

Recent successful bids have included drop off medication boxes on wards to reduce lost prescriptions, improvement to staff rooms,  training in compassionate care for staff in Adult Intensive Care and medication alarm clocks for teams working with patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

All applications must support one or more of the following criteria and impact a number of people:

  1. Improve and enhance patient welfare and experience
  2. Enhance staff welfare and engagement
  3. Address a new opportunity/idea identified as part of the ’Changing Things for the Better’ listening events or staff survey feedback

Do read through the information below to help you further and  of course get in touch if you have any additional questions - we'd love to help.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for funding in 2018 have now closed. For more information about funding in 2019 get in touch. 

If you would like to find out more, or need any help with applying for the Small Grants Fund please contact:

Hazel Murray, Programme Manager [email protected]

Penny Hambridge, Programme Officer [email protected]