Faster diagnosis of sepsis, meningitis and more thanks to your support.

Oxford Hospitals Charity has been working with the hospitals' microbiology team to bring in the very latest diagnostic technology, dramatically reducing the time it takes to identify conditions like sepsis and meningitis. Read more

Radiotherapy Films

Thanks to the generous support of the Ashley Charitable Trust a series of information films for breast cancer patients is now being created to help patients at this difficult time. Read more

Pioneering Project to Keep Families Close

A new project, funded charitably, is helping families stay in touch with their poorly newborns, even when they can't be there. Read more

3D Printer Breakthrough

A state of the art 3D printer has been funded for the Children's Orthopaedic Service. This enables surgeons to replicate bones and joints to plan their intricate surgical procedures. Read more

Cardiac Pacing System

New cardiac system helps Heart Centre keep pace. Read about the new innovation helping to regulate cardiac patients' heart rate during and after heart surgery. Read more

Meningitis Innovation

Oxford Hospitals Charity has recently funded new equipment to diagnose meningitis in just two hours, rather than two days, making a huge difference to young patients and their families. Read more