The charity will be out and about over the Christmas period continuing to aim to provide a boost to teams across the Trust. We always welcome your ideas as to how we can help OUH staff, and if you think your team could really do with a boost please do get in touch. 

If there isn’t a specific charitable fund for your area, or the remit of your fund doesn't cover staff support, we may still be able to provide some support to buy team a small team gift, such as chocolate, or to contribute towards a Christmas party, if that is deemed appropriate for your area.

To ensure that the operational risks to the Trust are managed, we ask that you make sure managers are aware in advance of any social events planned.

The Charity cannot fund/ reimburse events where this has not been done.    

If considering the planning of an event would also ask you to comply with the following recommendations from OUH Infection Control and Executive team. 


  • We strongly encourage you to split into smaller groups, rather than your whole team or department attending a single event


  • Where possible, consider outdoor events. 
  • If this isn’t feasible, check what COVID safety measures the venue has in place, like good ventilation. 
  • It is also worth checking if venues offer refunds for people who test positive for COVID before the event and can no longer attend 

We would also ask that you share the following guidance with all staff attending your event:

  • Do not attend events if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19. If you are showing symptoms, please arrange to get a test
  • Take a lateral flow test before you attend the event, and twice a week thereafter
  • The Trust encourages all staff to have both of their COVID-19 vaccination doses, as well as follow-up COVID-19 boosters and the annual flu vaccine
  • Make sure your department or team’s manager is aware of your plans

Of course, the usual Charity rules also apply:

  • The maximum contribution available towards Christmas parties is £10 per OUH staff member 
  • Must be open to all staff in your area - although as above splitting into smaller groups is recommended 
  • No contribution can be made towards the purchase of alcohol 
  • Staff must be made aware that the support is coming from Oxford Hospitals Charity.
  • Applications for support will be considered at the charity's weekly funding meeting.

How to apply 

Please submit your request for funding using this link    

Applications will be reviewed at the charity's weekly funding meeting. Please note if funding is agreed, you will need to get an invoice from the company or if you are paying yourself you will need to keep the receipt(s) and send  attached to the payment request form attached to the [email protected] along with the list of staff names and the confirmation email approving this from the charity. 

All of our payments are done by BACS and we aim to reimburse you within 10 days.

Please do not purchase any alcohol or gift vouchers as we are unable to reimburse these items through the charity.